Hotel  Waldstein, Prague

Valdstejnske Namesti 6
Praha 1

( see below for history of the Waldstein ) 

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 The Waldstein hotel Prague

Hotel Waldstein is situated in the most attractive part of Prague, few steps from Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and surrounded by Prague Castle and the main Prague sights

Historical Building

Welcome: Hotel Waldstein, Prague is a small cozy hotel in a historical building. Like many buildings in Prague this one has a long history with many adaptations of architectural style from its original Gothic style. Today it is registered on the list of national cultural heritage of the Czech republic. The hotel is recommended for individuals, families and small groups.


Rooms: 9 four-bedded apartments and four double rooms are at your disposal. All rooms are equipped with original antique furniture. The original gothic and renaissance painted ceilings have been preserved. Private facilities including shower, bath and WC are attached to each room. All rooms have cable TV and direct line telephone.

Restaurants: Rich buffet breakfasts are served in lovely a Renaissance vault with its original well. The vault is at your convenience day and night. In summer relax in the pleasant milieu of the hotel atrium.


Location: The hotel Waldstein, Prague is situated in one of the best and most central areas of Prague, the Mala Strana (Small Town) directly below the Prague castle. Metro and Trams to other parts of Prague leave from the stop Malostranska, which is only a few minutes walk from the hotel. The Journey from the airport to the hotel will take about 30 minutes.
Services: Refreshments, souvenirs can be purchased at the reception, which is open 24 hrs a day. You can also exchange your currency here. Guarded parking is available close by.


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History of the house Waldstein hotel


                The building number 19, Valdštejnské square 6, is of very high value both historical and architectural. Archaeological research (investigation) has found habitation from the first half of the 10th  century in the area of small backyard. In the Middle Ages there were two structures at the border of the  plot (site). On the eastern side there was the tower of Small-town fortification from the second half of the 13th century, and on the southern side there was the wall of Saint Thomas´ Cloister from the 15th century.

            In the Gothic period there were two buildings on the site. Up to the present days there has retained northern periphery wall of the eastern situated building. From the western situated building has retained remainders of walls in the basement, same as fragments of masonry in the southern area of the first floor.

            Both building were remodelled during the 16th century. At that time were the Gothic cellars subsequently valued over to arches. There is the former (original) planking well-preserved in the mortar.

            There is the well with stone curb in the cellar. One of the Renaissance buildings with square ground plan situated on eastern side of building # 19 remained in the ground plan up to these days. On its first and second floor there were cross vaults in both rooms. The other Renaissance house was remodelled from former Gothic building on the west side of the plot.

            Most likely in the late Renaissance period  both houses were remodelled and connected. In the same time this houses were remodelled from the front side and got new fronts to the street. The cellars were also connected. Probably at that time were made wooden valve ceilings ornate with white akant leaf. In contemporary written documents we have names of inhabitants of both buildings. First is mentioned in the year 1561 Mr. Vít Šrek, the gate-man of the Czech Royal Chamber. Worth mentioning is also Mr. Hans Kalhardt who in the 90th of  16th century was in function of clerk in The Empire Court office of Rudolf II.

            Following were the Baroc remodelling in the 17th century, which gave the building appearance that basically has retained up to the present days.

            At that time the house had already three floors and probably the wooden ceilings were repainted to coloured plant ornaments. From the last third 17th century the owner of the house became the family of well known historic Mr. Gelasia Dobner.

            Following Baroc remodelling is referred by written documents. The owner at that time Mr. Karel Kašpar Debra realised new remodelling in the year 1753. Northern facade got its contemporary appearance. In the same time there was built the southern yard part of the building, probably on the site of similar older building.

            Following modern reconstruction did not change the character of the building. In the beginning of the 20th century the ancestor of today's owners Mr. Alois Kamarýt has bought the house. In 90th the house went through large reconstruction.

            With regard to the unique preserved architectural elements the house was registered on the list of national cultural heritage of Czech Republic.

            The building is unique situated, close to the Prague Castle, in calm corner of Valdštejnské square, nearby the most  important institutions the building of Senate and Parliament.

waldstein hotel  prague