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* About us: Many of the hotels on this site have grouped together to provide the kind of service we believe is missing from an increasing number of internet sites, namely human contact and service. Almost all the hotel sites on the internet require a credit card before anyone takes you seriously! On this site, we believe that you deserve answers to the most basic questions before we ask you for your credit card details. You might want to know the size of the beds ( most Americans want to know the size of the beds), whether the rooms have fridges or whether there are non-smoking rooms available. The hotel owners or agents involved are committed to providing you with speedy courteous replies. Our aim is to start serving you on the internet as we intend to go on after your arrival. If a hotel does not live up to its commitments, please write to us -

* Most of  the information in this site has been provided by the hotels themselves. has accepted this information in good faith, and is not responsible for any inaccuracies in this information. Most  final reservations are made directly with the hotel or with an agent, and you are advised to double check any details that are particularly important to you. 

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* Final bookings are made via Their web site has the most up to date information and images. You will be taken to their web site before making your reservation. Information on their web site is more up to date, and supercedes the information on this web site.

*** PLEASE NOTE that NOT all the hotels listed on this site are available for reservations at all times. The reason is that different Prague travel agents work with different hotels at different periods, and affiliate hotel programs in Prague switch travel agents from time to time. Thus, a hotel available at the time this site was built may no longer be available via this site. IF ANY HOTEL WISHES TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS SITE, WE WILL REMOVE THE HOTEL IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO

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